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Executive Chef Eric McCarthy at Chef’s for Impact 2015

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Executive Chef Eric McCarthy One of Seven Chefs at Chefs for Impact


On November 19th, 2015, Chef Eric McCarthy participated in the “Chefs for Impact” event – a celebration of food and culture to bring e-learning to children in Africa.

The event, hosted at the Angel Orensanz Foundation Center, featured seven acclaimed chefs creating dishes from a wide variety of cuisines, as well as a live cocktail hour, and both a silent and live auction. Alongside Chef McCarthy were Chef Eric Simeon, Chef Mark Henegan, Chef Paul Denamiel, Chef Christopher Burgess, Chef Rhonda Crosson, and Chef Matt Swanston.

The beneficiary of the fundraiser, Impact Network, will use the funds to bring eLearning to children in Africa who wouldn’t otherwise have an education. Through their eSchool 360 program, Impact Network provides high-quality education year after year for less than $3 a month per student. eSchool 360 is already running in 10 schools in rural Zambia, and is currently being scaled internationally.


Chef McCarthy contributed two hors d’oeuvres and two desserts to the event, including:

Cocktail Hour Menu Hors D’oeuvres
  • Tulsi Paneer cheese with fresh basil, roasted garlic & cranberry chutney
  • Lamb samosa with ginger, spices & cilantro
  • Lagan nu Custard | Traditional Parsi baked pudding with egg, milk & cinnamon nuts
  • Lauki Halwa | Green pumpkin chocolate covered pumpkin candy, wafer & vanilla sauce


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Press Release: Executive Chef Eric McCarthy Elevates Tulsi’s Food Program, Earning 5th Consecutive Michelin Star

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Executive Chef Eric McCarthy Elevates Tulsi’s Food Program, Earning 5th Consecutive Michelin Star

tulsi_chef_heroshot_cu copyNew York City’s Tulsi is proud to announce their fifth consecutive Michelin Star recognition, the first Star under new Executive Chef Eric McCarthy. Chef McCarthy, who joined the Tulsi team in November of 2014, attributes this success to his unique take on Indian cuisine and his passion for cooking.

Chef McCarthy is no stranger to the Michelin Star recognition. Before arriving at Tulsi, McCarthy  earned four subsequent Michelin Star recognitions during his tenure at Tamarind Tribeca, beginning in 2011. His most recent Michelin recognition at Tulsi, also being is fifth, continues to establish his reputation as one of New York City’s premiere Indian Chefs.

Originally from the Portuguese-colonized Indian province of Goa, McCarthy largely credits his success in the culinary world to his Goan roots. “Every meal in Goa is a feast. Goans love to cook, they love to eat – and this is where my love of cooking comes from,” he explains. Beginning as just a hobby, Chef McCarthy realized his passion for cooking at a young age, and decided to turn his pastime into a career. 

At Tulsi, Chef McCarthy continues to use only traditional indian methods of cooking, derived from his childhood memories in Goa. “When I’m looking for inspiration, I think of the days I spent watching my neighbors, my mother, and my grandmother cook in Goa. I’ll remember the techniques they used to cook a dish and think, ‘Hey, let’s try that here.’” These techniques, such as using cookware made from parts of the coconut tree to impart unique flavors into a dish, are what places Chef McCarthy in a class all his own. 

Tulsi’s faithful patrons, as well as co-owners Vijay Rao and Manoj Barot, are elated to have him on the team going into his second year. “We have always been proud of our accomplishments at Tulsi, but Chef McCarthy has truly elevated the restaurant’s food program” says Vijay. Manoj adds that “Chef possesses exceptional skill, and we’re proud to have him in our kitchen.”

In addition to the Michelin Star recognition, Chef McCarthy’s other accolades include the New York Times 3-Star Rating, Taste Asia’s Best Tandoori Chicken in NY, and becoming a Finalist on the Food Network show Chopped, among others.


Innovation in the Kitchen: Patra Khumb

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Patra Khumb – A Truly One-of-a-Kind Dish from Chef Eric McCarthy


As the Executive Chef of a Michelin Star Restaurant, Chef Eric McCarthy is constantly challenged to innovate in the kitchen and push the boundaries of Indian cuisine. One of the ways in which he does this is by taking classic Indian dishes, and adding his own unique twist.

One such dish is Patra Khumb – which combines three classic Indian dishes into one culinary delight. Comprised of dahi kari (buttermilk curry), mushroom spiced potato tempura, and “Patra,” or taro leaves stuffed with rice and spices, Patra Khumb is a one-of-a-kind dish in a class of its own.

“The idea came to me because we get a lot of guest from New Jersey, who happen to be vegetarian and are from the region of Gujrat n konkan – where Patra is usually served. I combined three different vegetarian dishes, which each stand alone as starters, to make one unique dish. Each individual piece compliments the other components in the dish, resulting in something truly extraordinary.” says Chef McCarthy.

Interested in trying this never before seen dish? Make a reservation at Tulsi today!

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Meet Executive Chef Eric McCarthy

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Tulsi Proudly Introduces Executive Chef Eric McCarthy